One-on-One Tutoring

SGT offers one-on-one tutoring sessions by request. To request a session please email a tutor directly. Tutor contact information is in the table below table, and you can see which courses they tutor by finding them in the big schedule. Please allow a few days for the session to be scheduled after requesting a session.
Also, after your session, please fill out the tutoring log (sorry to make you fill out yet another survey).

Tutor Information

Tutor Contact Information

Name Classes Email Phone Number
Ariel Mordoch AE 1601, AE 2010, AE 2220 (404) 593-4361
JiaYi Zhang AE 1601, AE 2010, AE 2220 (256) 702-6154
Sam Crawford AE 1601 (919) 740-8006
Thomas Walker AE 1601, AE 2010, AE 2220, CS 1371, ME 1770, MATH 2551, MATH 2552, PHYS I & II, MSE 2001, COE 2001, COE 3001 (770) 330-5858
Daniel Sagan AE 2010, AE 3030, AE 3140 (617) 416-1761
Shravan Hariharan AE 1601, AE 2010, AE 2220, AE 2610/2611, AE 3030, AE 3330 (908) 510-5481
Ogün Kargın AE 1601, AE 2610/2611, AE 3330, AE 3340, AE 3530, AE 4341/2/3 (678) 833-8508

Fall 2018 Tutor Availability

Tutor Availability
Ariel Mordoch Monday Afternoon, Tuesday Afternoon, Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday Afternoon, Friday Afternoon
JiaYi Zhang Monday Evening, Tuesday Afternoon, Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Evening, Friday Evening
Sam Crawford Monday Evening, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Evening
Thomas Walker Monday Afternoon, Monday Evening, Tuesday Morning, Wednesday Afternoon, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Morning, Friday Afternoon, Friday Evening
Daniel Sagan Tuesday Afternoon, Thursday Afternoon, Friday Afternoon, Friday Evening
Shravan Hariharan Tuesday Afternoon, Tuesday Evening, Thursday Afternoon, Thursday Evening, Friday Afternoon, Friday Evening
Ogün Kargın Monday Afternoon, Tuesday Afternoon, Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday Afternoon