SGT Trivia Night

Sigma Gamma Tau will be hosting a Jeopardy-style Trivia Night on Thursday March 1st from 6PM to 9PM in Weber Lecture Hall I. Topics will center around aerospace and will include anything from naming aircraft manufacturers to fundamental mathematical concepts related to aerospace. Admission is open to all Georgia Tech students and refreshments will be provided. Teams will consist of 4 people and the signup fee is $20 per team. Each member of the winning team will receive a 1:200 Boeing 737 MAX scale model! Please send all questions to Nabeel at We look forward to seeing you there!


How 2 AE @ GT

You got into GT Aerospace! Nice! 😎 Now you're here and trying to decide how to be strategic with what you do while you're here. With research, classes, competitions, clubs, opportunities left and right, and not enough time to do everything, you will become overwhelmed. Sometimes faculty advisement helps. Sometimes it doesn't. How on earth do you start your 4/5 year journey with your best foot forward?

Us upperclassmen who've been through it all are here to help! We've compiled a list of common questions and concerns and provided curated answers with our years of experience. Stay one step ahead and learn "How 2 AE @ GT" by Georgia Tech's own Sigma Gamma Tau.


Networking and getting involved is the key to success here at Tech. Sigma Gamma Tau hosts a number of events for you to network with other engineers and faculty to become a wiser engineer and individual.


That last test grade you just got back isn't quite "put on the fridge" worthy. Trying your best with lectures and textbooks doesn't always do the job. What do you do when course materials just don't do it and you feel lost?

Come to AE tutoring! We've taken that class that seems impossible and read that 400 page textbook that doesn't help answer the test questions. We've been there and we're here to help. Check out our tutoring availability at the button below.

About SGT

Sigma Gamma Tau is the national Aerospace Engineering Honor Society. The goal of the Georgia Tech Chapter of SGT is to further the experience of aerospace engineers at Georgia Tech. AE students at the top of their class are invited to join SGT and partake in social, educational, and service activities. These include tutoring and advising incoming freshmen, holding model airplane contests, and providing fun, educational opportunities for local grade school students.